MBI Train-The-Trainer Workshop – eLearning plus Class Time via Zoom


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Printed material such as workbooks and facilitator guides usually ship within 3 days of when order is placed. In some cases it may take longer. The shipping times shown refer to the time it takes in-transit AFTER a package leaves our facility.

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PLEASE NOTE: You MUST add one Facilitator Guide  to the cart for EACH person who will be attending the workshop prior to checking out.

READ THIS FIRST: Within 10 minutes of purchase, you will receive two emails. If you don’t see these, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER before requesting assistance. The first email will contain Zoom registration code(s) for your class time via Zoom. You should register for your class IMMEDIATELY TO ENSURE YOU GET A SEAT. The second email will contain your eLearning activation code. You should use your activation code NO EARLIER THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR WORKSHOP TO AVOID HAVING IT EXPIRE BEFORE OR DURING YOUR WORKSHOP. The emails will also contain detailed instructions on how to register for your Zoom class time and how to activate your enrollment into the e-Learning portion of your workshop.

A separate registration code will be issued for each Train-the-Trainer workshop you purchase. You will receive a single activation code for the eLearning portion of the workshop, which will be valid for the total number of workshops purchased. You will be able to select from available class dates during the registration process. If multiple workshops are purchased, each attendee will need to complete the registration and activation procedures as described in the emails.

You will also receive a separate email containing your purchase receipt.

The MBI Remote Train-The-Trainer class time consists of 4 sessions, held on Mon-Wed-Fri-Mon, 2 hours each. Attendance is mandatory. To become a Certified MBI Trainer, you are required to participate in an MBI instructor-led workshop prior to attending the Train-The-Trainer W
orkshop. The MBI Remote Learning Part I & II satisfies this prerequisite, however, the MBI Self-Paced eLearning Course does not, because it is not instructor-led.


  • Gain a higher level of MBI knowledge.
  • Learn to follow your Facilitator Guide to teach MBI.
  • Learn how to conduct your own MBI workshop.
  • Pass and become a Certified MBI Trainer.

This program registration is non-refundable but may be changed or transferred. Please read our Change/Cancellation Policy HERE.