NEW! Have The Attitude!: The Thinking That Makes Great Things Happen


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Have the Attitude!: The Thinking That Makes Great Things Happen.

Change Your Attitude And Change Your Results!

Attitude plays a monumental role in creating a person’s experiences. It affects every aspect of a person’s life, including their job performance. It doesn’t get left at home when a person goes to work. It becomes woven into and a part of an organization’s culture. Unfortunately, so many of us grew up never learning about the power of attitude and how it can help or hinder our ability to achieve goals. This book explains exactly what attitude is and why it’s so powerful. It leaves no doubt that attitude plays the single greatest role in determining our results – personally and professionally. Together, let’s start a transformation in thinking that dramatically shifts humanity for the better. Become an Attitude Revolutionist — one who revolts against the status quo attitude and is willing to actually do something about it. Learn how to shift your attitude to elevate your results. Learn how to shift your organization’s attitude to increase its overall performance and success.

Foreward written by Lee Cockerell, Executive Vice President (Retired), Walt Disney World® Resort

“This book will help you to harness potential that you don’t even realize you have.”
– Don McArt, Motivational Speaker, Actor, TV Producer, Minister, Author.

“I can see this book becoming required reading at workplaces all over the world.”
– Michael Bruce, Founder and C.E.O. McFrank & Williams Advertising Agency, Inc.

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