Outrageous Potential UNLEASHED – Leadership Edition (print/soft cover)



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Did you know…an enormous amount of time and energy is wasted dealing with ineffective employees? Outrageous Potential Unleashed, Leadership Edition will help you become aware of the factors that prevent your company from achieving great success.


  • Discover how missteps in hiring silently sabotage success.
  • Learn how to spot ineffective employees within your organization.
  • Unmask the real cause of underachievement.


This book presents a framework based on a set of Best Practice action points that will help you harness untapped potential and transform your company into a MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE ORGANIZATION. Outrageous Potential Unleashed is a must-read for managers and executives.

This book works hand-in-hand with the book Awakening Outrageous Potential.


Book #2: LEADERSHIP EDITION.  (PRINT, Softcover – 40 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0-9720872-9-2)

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